Mead Johnson Nutrition clarifies issues on Philippine FDA order

Responding to an administrative recall order from the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to remove current supplies from distribution and sale, Mead Johnson Nutrition (MJN) Philippines assured consumers that there is no safety issue with the products Alactagrow® and Sustagen Junior®.

The Philippine FDA has issued a Class III order, the lowest level, which is used for products that have technical compliance issues. The regulatory definition of a Class III order specifically states that the use of or exposure to the product “is not likely to cause adverse health consequences.”

“Safety is Mead Johnson’s highest priority and the company spares no effort to comply with the laws of all of the countries in which it operates,” said Paul Richards, President and General Manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition Philippines.All of the company’s products are produced in accordance with the CODEX Code of Hygienic Practice for Foods for Infants and Children.”

The Philippine FDA said it was issuing the order because the fat content in the products is below the new standard listed in the revised CODEX Standards for Follow-Up Formula, which it has recently adopted in the Philippines.

Richards explained that when the Philippine FDA recently adopted additional CODEX regulations applying specifically to follow-up formulas, Mead Johnson proactively cooperated and has stayed in frequent communication with the Philippine FDA to ensure that Mead Johnson products would continue to be available for the families that use them, and in compliance with the new regulations. The process of reformulating the products so that they comply with the new CODEX regulations is elaborate and requires considerable time so Mead Johnson requested a renewed Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) prior to the end of the product’s term. CODEX is an international organization that develops and promotes food standards.

"Our company is committed to bringing safe, effective, nutritious and high quality products to meet the nutritional needs of the Philippines’ children," said Richards.

Richards said they were surprised by the recall orders, but said they are committed to resolving the issue with the Philippine FDA so that Mead Johnson can continue to offer the children in the Philippines the many nutritional benefits of Alactagrow and Sustagen Junior.

Mead Johnson stressed that all of their products currently sold in the Philippines, including Alactagrow and Sustagen Junior, have passed stringent Philippine FDA health and safety requirements and are considered to be safe for consumption and of high quality. While the fat level requirement does not relate to the safety or quality of the product, Mead Johnson is taking steps to meet that requirement also.

Mead Johnson is launching today a reformulated version of Alactagrow that meets the new regulatory requirements. Work is also underway to develop an updated version of Sustagen to meet the revised standards.

Richards emphasized that Mead Johnson is committed to its mission to nourish the world’s children for the best start in life. Mead Johnson is involved in efforts to address malnutrition through a country-wide feeding and growth-monitoring program called Feeding Hope in partnership with Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the non-government organization Kabisig ng Kalahi. In addition, since 1991 Mead Johnson has provided sustained support to children afflicted with rare metabolic diseases.

Consumer health and collaboration with the government and the Food and Drug Administration are Mead Johnson’s top priorities. The company has been for some time and is currently in regular contact with the Philippine FDA regarding the recall and the Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) for the affected products.


My kids are both in grade school. I thought I graduated “mommyhood 101”. But I guess not yet.

My younger sister just gave birth, late December 2009. Since it’s her first, she asked and continuously asking me questions on baby care like bathing, feeding, sleeping, etc. She is particularly concerned about sleeping habits. She dreads the idea of sleepless nights. Of course, I gave out my long list of experiences. But I was a bit hesitant since this is not my baby. And, and, my experiences have expired a decade ago.

I want to give my sister tips that are reliable and with scientific foundation. So I looked around and ran into Johnson’s Baby Bedtime.

Being raised with this product myself, I have a huge trust on what Johnson and Johnson’s has to say especially on giving babies better sleep.

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I assume we can all agree that sleeping is very important especially for baby’s growth. It’s a running joke/caution in our family every time we kiss the sleeping baby… “Tama na, ang brain development masisira”. I know there’s a truth behind this somewhere but never really understood.

According to a talk given by Johnson’s Baby Bedtime, growth hormones (for growth and development of all parts of the body) are highest during sleep – three times more than when a baby is awake. But not just at any point of sleep. Baby must reach the 4th to 5th level of Non-REM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep before the growth hormones start maxing. So every time a baby’s sleep is interrupted there is a possibility that the 4th level of Non-REM is not achieved, therefore delaying the baby’s development and growth. Well, that’s basically the justification my sister needs to know stop lolos, lolas, titos, titas (especially me), and all excited family members from relentlessly kissing my sleeping niece.

Johnson’s Baby has come up with a three step pre-bedtime routine to improve baby’s sleep. When the routine is religiously practiced, it is clinically proven that babies sleep better.

Here are the 3 important steps by Johnson’s Baby Bedtime to bring babies to BETTER SLEEP.

STEP 1: Warm Bath

STEP 2: Massage

STEP 3: Quiet Time

Read a book or sing to your baby. Your voice will sooth your baby and will bring him to sleep. You can also play calming lullabies. Johnson's Baby Bedtime has brilliant downloadable lullabies that can help put your baby to sleep. Make sure that the room is quiet and calm. Also consider dim lighting to signal that it is sleep time.

Johnson’s Baby Bedtime has a lot more to say. You can even have a customized sleep profile of your baby and get tips to improve sleeping habits.

Now, this is my advice to my sister. Visit Johnson’s baby website to be sure.

My Sweet Christmas Treat

I was browsing through some old photos and here's what I found. My son as a candy cane. He was "C - is for the candy cane" in his class Christmas presentation year 2004.
Hay! The silly things we make our kids do.
Thanks Carlos for patiently wearing that silly styro candy cane, mom made.
THAT'S WHY I LOVE YOU... my sweet Christmas treat!!!

That's Why I Love you: Luneta mMix Up

We (me, husband, and 2 kids), were on our way to Manila Doctors' Hospital UN Manila, to bring Carlos (our youngest kid) for a check up.

Carlos: Mom where is Manila Doctors'? Is it far?
Mom: (thinking of a familiar landmark) Yup, it's near Luneta.
Sean (elder son): Luneta? Luneta Coliseum?
araneta coliseum

"That's why I love You Sean!"

Mula NOON… hanggang NGAYON… basta UBO, BISOLVON!

When someone in the family suffers a terrible cough worsened by phlegm, you want to ease the problem with nothing less than the soothing love of the family; and an effective and trusted cough medicine – Bisolvon.

Over the years, Bisolvon kept every Filipino family secured from the threats of cough. It has stood by us for more than four (4) decades and continues to stand by us in the battle against cough. As the leading family coughs medicine, Bisolvon aims to serve us and be part of each and every family for more years to come.

July 3 to 5, 2009 at SM Mall of Asia, Bisolvon hosted a 3-day Family Day entitled “Bisolvon Bilis – Alis Ubo ng Pamilya”.

This event did not just strengthen and reestablish Bisolvon’s name in every Filipino household but instead made each Filipino family revive family bond through various activities.

As Bisolvon positions itself as a member of our family, it also wants to be a part of an authentic Filipino family – loving, happy, and healthy.